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European Roulette

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Since the Roulette game has originated in France, it is only fitting that the European version of the classic table game would be prevalent among online casino players. Play European Roulette for free to brush up on all the game details.

European Roulette is a roulette game by Play'N Go. The game runs on Flash and features serviceable 3D graphics.  The sound effects are not as high fidelity as those found in other games. There is no music in the game.

Play'N Go is a well-known maker of online slots and table games, such as blackjack, poker, baccarat, and others. When it comes to roulette, Play'N Go also offers the following game variants:

  • American Roulette
  • Zoom Roulette
  • Common Draw Roulette

How can you find out which of these variants is best for you? The best method is quite simple - you have to try out all of them. To help you with this, offers a European Roulette free demo which can be played without registering an account. 

Game Feautures

  • Provider:Play'N Go
  • Release Date:05.05.2016
  • Slot Type:Roulette
  • RTP:97%
  • Variance:N/A
  • Min Bet:3
  • Max Bet:500
  • Max Win:N/A
  • Layout:N/A
  • Paylines:N/A
  • Bonus Types:N/A

When we look under the hood, we notice one main point of interest. While European Roulette does indeed use a European wheel, it doesn’t use the standard European ruleset. And the only way to find this out is to look through the game’s manual. Instead, European Roulette is better classified as a Hamburg Variant game. The main difference of this variant is in what happens when the ball lands on a 0. In standard European roulette, such an occurrence would result in triggering En Prison. In Hamburg roulette, players who have placed Even/Odd, Red/Black, or Low/High bets simply receive half of their bet back.

Aside from this one area, European Roulette plays like what you’d expect. The game comes with all of the betting options you could want. These include such staples as line bets, straight up bets, and corner bets. Speaking of bets, wager amounts range between 3 coins on the low end and 500 coins on the high end. Payouts are set at 1:1 for 18 numbers, 2:1 for 12 numbers, 5:1 for 6 numbers, 8:1 for 4 numbers, 11:1 for 3 numbers, 17:1 for 2 numbers, and 35:1 for 1 number.

Being a more basic roulette game, it game does support patterns. It also does not have an autoplay feature.

Overall, Play’N Go’s European Roulette is a decent game that will surely find its player. If you think you could potentially be such a player, play European Blackjack for free on